Individuality recognises no order number.

The matching of our offer to the respective demands of the customer is our main concern. It is in the nature of things that the resultant concepts and products are difficult to categorise. In the end they are top draw solutions.

The following pages are laid out to give you a brief impression of that part of our collection that deals with the individual standard product to be finished. We invite you to go window shopping and shall be pleased if you find one or the other stimulation when acquainting yourself with the scope of our performance.

  • Caps and Hats
    Caps and Hats
    Communication using your head
  • Textiles
    Comfortable carrier of advertising with direct contact to the customer.
  • Bags
    An ideal carrier of goods - also for advertising.
  • Ceramics
    Delectable and a feast for your eyes.
  • Stationary
    Office communications for the decision-maker.
  • Pins, Lanyards und Co.
    Pins, Lanyards und Co.
    Little presents, big presents.
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